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California State Board of Pharmacy

Inactive Status

You may not engage in any practice where a valid and active license issued by the board is required with an expired or inactive license.

California law requires that to practice pharmacy in California you must have a current, active pharmacist registration issued by the board. If you work as a pharmacist in California without a current, active pharmacist's license, you are engaging in the unlicensed practice of pharmacy and are subject to possible administrative action, including disciplinary action and/or a citation and fine.

If you do not wish to practice pharmacy as a pharmacist in California at this time but wish to retain your license in an “inactive” status, please submit to the board either: (A) your renewal application and designate “inactive” on the renewal application; or (B) submit a written request for status change in your license to the board, and returning your current active license.  No proof of Continuing Education compliance is required, however you are still responsible for the renewal fee.  The license status will be changed, and an inactive license will be issued.  However, if you renew your license as inactive, you are not authorized to practice pharmacy in California.

To restore an inactive license to active status prior to your next renewal, you may designate “active” on the license renewal application and document the number of completed Continuing Education hours. When returning to active status, you will be required pay the license renewal fee.  After processing, an active license will be issued. Please allow up to six weeks to receive your active license in the mail after processing.