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California State Board of Pharmacy

Disclosure of Disciplinary Action, Arrest, or Conviction

The California State Board of Pharmacy (board) does not pre-screen applicants with criminal convictions to determine eligibility for licensure. The evaluation of any criminal conviction(s) is part of the application process. The board will investigate all misdemeanor and felony convictions in order to achieve its consumer protection mandate. Applicants who have prior criminal convictions that are substantially related to the practice of pharmacy will be denied if they cannot prove sufficient rehabilitation (California Code of Regulations, title 16, section 1769) to practice safely. Refer to California Business and Professions Code section 480 for acts that may disqualify an applicant.

All applicants are required under law to report ALL misdemeanor and felony convictions regardless of age, EXCEPT cases adjudicated in juvenile court.

Convictions must be reported even if they have been dismissed under California Penal Code sections 1203.4 or 1210.1.

You do not need to report a conviction for a traffic violation unless the violation involved alcohol and/or controlled substances.

Failure to disclose a disciplinary action or conviction may result in the application being denied for providing false information. If in doubt as to whether a disciplinary action of conviction should be disclosed, it’s best to disclose the information on the application. Refer to the application instructions for more information.

In order to expedite the enforcement review process, applicants should provide the following for each reported conviction:

The board evaluates each application with criminal history on a case-by-case basis to make a determination concerning the applicant’s ability to practice safely. Refer to California Code of Regulations, title 16, section 1769 for more detailed information regarding the board’s evaluation of criminal history.

You may also refer to FAQs for Applicants with Criminal History for additional information.

The burden is on the applicant to provide the documentation described above. Failure to provide the requested documentation will result in additional delays and the application may ultimately be withdrawn. Once an application is withdrawn, a new application, application fee, and fingerprints are required. Application fees are nonrefundable.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Board of Pharmacy at (916) 574-7900 or send an email to You may also refer to the California Pharmacy Lawbook.