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California State Board of Pharmacy

License Type Totals

Current Licenses By License Type

License Type Current Licenses
Designated Representatives (EXC) 2,829
Designated Representatives Vet (EXV) 55
Designated Representatives-3PL (DRL) 480
Designated Representatives-Reverse Distributor (DRR) 15
Designated Paramedic (DPM) 3
Intern Pharmacist (INT) 4,740
Pharmacist (RPH) 49,906
Advanced Practice Pharmacist (APH) 1,210
Pharmacy Technician (TCH) 65,218
Temp-Designated Representatives-Wholesaler (TEX) 0
Temp-Designated Representatives-3PL (TDR) 0
Temp-Designated Representatives-Reverse Distributor (TRR) 0
Temp-Designated Paramedic (TDP) 0
Temp-Intern Pharmacist (TIN) 0
Temp-Pharmacist (TRP) 0
Temp-Advanced Practice Pharmacist (TAP) 0
Temp-Pharmacy Technician (TTC) 0
Automated Drug Delivery System (ADD(AUD)) 1,094
Automated Drug Delivery System (ADD(APD)) 20
Automated Drug Delivery System EMS (ADE) 1
Automated Patient Dispensing System 340B Clinic (ADC) 1
Centralized Hospital Packaging Government Owned (CHE) 2
Centralized Hospital Packaging (CHP) 8
Clinic (CLN) 1,404
Clinics Exempt (CLE) 938
Drug Room (DRM) 21
Drug Room Exempt (DRE) 10
Hospitals (HSP) 399
Hospitals Exempt (HPE) 77
Hospital Satellite Sterile Compounding (SCP) 4
Hospital Satellite Sterile Compounding Exempt (SCE) 4
Hypodermic Needle and Syringe (HYP) 237
Correctional Pharmacy (LCF) 57
Outsourcing Facility (OSF) 4
Outsourcing Facility Nonresident (NSF) 20
Pharmacy (PHY) 6,091
Pharmacy Government Owned (PHE) 144
Pharmacy Nonresident (NRP) 599
Remote Dispensing Pharmacy (PHR) 2
Sterile Compounding (LSC) 707
Sterile Compounding Government Owned (LSE) 103
Sterile Compounding Nonresident (NSC) 58
Surplus Medication Collection and Distribution Intermediary (SME) 1
Third-Party Logistics Providers (TPL) 36
Third-Party Logistics Providers Nonresident (NPL) 140
Veterinary Food-Animal Drug Retailer (VET) 18
Wholesalers (WLS) 477
Wholesalers Exempt (WLE) 10
Wholesalers Nonresident (OSD) 809
Total 137,952

Updated 9/30/23