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California State Board of Pharmacy

Intern Pharmacists – (Business and Professions Code section 4114(a))

An intern pharmacist may perform authorized COVID-19 vaccination-related functions at the direction of and under the supervision of a pharmacist, or other California-licensed physician and surgeon, nurse practitioner or physician assistant who are statutorily authorized to order and administer vaccines, supervise the performance of vaccinations, perform such vaccination duties as a part of their statutorily authorized scope of practice, and whose license is in good standing with the respective regulatory board.

The vaccination provider organization (pharmacy, clinic, health department, or other applicable entity) shall maintain a record that identifies the supervising health care professional under whose supervision the intern pharmacist performed vaccination-related functions.  The record must be maintained and readily available for three years following the end of the declared emergency and provided to the Board upon request.

Effective:  January 27, 2021

Expires:  April 26, 2021