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California State Board of Pharmacy

Remote Processing (BPC section 4071.1(a))

For the purposes of this waiver, "remote processing" means the entering of an order or prescription into a computer from outside of the pharmacy or hospital for a licensed pharmacy as defined in Business and Professions Code (BPC) sections 4029 and 4037.

In addition to the provisions of BPC section 4071.1(a), pharmacists performing remote processing may also receive, interpret, evaluate, clarify, and approve medication orders and prescriptions, including medication orders and prescriptions for controlled substances classified in Schedule II, III, IV or V. Under this waiver, remote processing may also include order entry, other data entry, performing prospective drug utilization review, interpreting clinical data, insurance processing, performing therapeutic interventions, providing drug information services, and authorizing release of medication for administration. The waiver does not include the dispensing of a drug or final product verification by remote processing.

Further, this waiver expands the provisions of BPC section 4071.1(a) to allow for remote processing by pharmacy technicians and pharmacy interns to include nondiscretionary tasks, including prescription or order entry, other data entry, and insurance processing of prescriptions and medication orders for which supervision by a pharmacist is provided using remote supervision via technology that, at a minimum, ensures a pharmacist is (1) readily available to answer questions of a pharmacy intern or pharmacy technician; and (2) verify the work performed by the pharmacy intern or pharmacy technician.

Pharmacy and Pharmacist Remote Processing Waiver Conditions

Pharmacists are permitted to conduct remote processing as permitted by this waiver if in compliance with the following:

Pharmacy Intern and Pharmacy Technician Remote Processing Waiver Conditions

Pharmacy interns and pharmacy technicians are permitted to conduct nondiscretionary tasks related to remote processing as permitted by the waiver if in compliance with the following:

Reinstated: September 3, 2021

Expiration: May 28, 2023