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California State Board of Pharmacy

Instructions for Filing a Wholesaler Application

A wholesaler permit is required before any firm or organization who sells for resale or negotiates for distribution, may distribute, broker or transact the sale or return of dangerous drugs or dangerous devices in California. Wholesalers sell and distribute dangerous drugs and dangerous devices (also called “legend” items or prescription-required drugs and devices) to other business entities who are authorized by law to purchase the items or sell to licensed health care providers who are authorized by law to possess the dangerous drugs and dangerous devices. Wholesalers are not authorized to sell or distribute these items directly to patients unless the wholesaler is delivering dialysis drugs and devices to home dialysis patients in case(s) or full shelf package lots (see section 4054 of the California Business & Professions Code).

An application for a wholesaler must include the following:

  1. Application form
  2. $780 made payable to the California State Board of Pharmacy
  3. Background affidavit
  4. Report of designated representative-in-charge*
  5. Copy of Request for Live Scan Service Form verifying that fingerprints have been scanned and all applicable fees have been paid.
  6. Out of state license verification
  7. A surety bond or other equivalent means of security

The designated representative-in-charge must file a separate application with the board if he or she is not already licensed in California as a pharmacist or designated representative (also known as an “exemptee”). The application form is available by selecting the following link Designated Representative Application.

Specific application forms are available for downloading. Please select the appropriate link for the application based on your business ownership structure.

Please download the appropriate application in its entirety. Failure to submit a complete application may result in significant delays in the issuance of a license. Contact the board office at (916) 574-7900 to request fingerprint cards.

Please allow the board 4 – 6 weeks to process the application and either issue the license or send a deficiency letter. Do not call the board on the status of an application that has been pending less than four weeks.

* Under California law, the name used to describe any individual who is in charge of any wholesale drug premises (in California or elsewhere) will change on January 1, 2006, from the former name, exemptee, to designated representative. For conventional use, the board will refer to such an individual as a designated representative throughout this application.