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California State Board of Pharmacy

Sign up for CURES

The California State Board of Pharmacy wants to help pharmacists register to access CURES and has created a procedure to do just that.

CURES is California’s prescription drug monitoring program for controlled substances and is operated under the California Department of Justice. Effective January 1, 2016, all California licensed pharmacists must be registered to access CURES (as required by section 209 of the California Business and Professions Code).

To aid pharmacists and the California Department of Justice in meeting this deadline, the board is offering to assist in the registration of pharmacists. The information below advises pharmacists on how to register in CURES in order to access patient activity reports.

There are now three ways for pharmacists to register for CURES.

1. Via the Board of Pharmacy

STEP 1. PREREGISTRATION: To start the process, go to Click on PDMP registration on the right hand side of the page. Select “pharmacist,” then:

1. Complete the online application form
2. Print out the completed form, then sign and date it
3. Attach a copy of:

• Your CA pharmacist license
• DEA controlled substances registration (if you possess one)
• Driver’s license or other photo government identification

STEP 2. Personally hand the completed application package to a board inspector or personally bring the completed packet to the Board of Pharmacy office in Sacramento, at 1625 N. Market Blvd., Suite N-219.

STEP 3. A CONFIRMATION from the DOJ takes the form of a link to the password establishment routine. Once registrants complete that step, they have access to the system.

2. Pharmacists can go online to and complete and mail to the DOJ a notarized packet. Instructions are online at this website.

3. Group Registration by the Department of Justice

The DOJ CURES Program offers outreach registration to interested prescriber and pharmacist groups.

If a site can present at least 20 prescribers or pharmacists who have completed registration applications in hand – including the completed, downloadable application form; pertinent California professional license; DEA Controlled Substance Certificate (if there is one); and a driver’s license or government photo identification – then CURES staff will personally attend and accept the application packages at the site in place of the mail-in process that requires a notary to authenticate the identity of the applicant and required documentation.

Registration applications are available at

CURES outreach staff will also provide a short CURES briefing to the group.

To arrange for a sign-up event, contact Mike Small at (916) 227-3324 or; or Tina Farales (916) 227-3436 or


If you do not have a pharmacy DEA number, you do not need to provide one. CURES passwords MUST BE renewed every six weeks.

Check your SPAM filter if you do not receive a confirmation after submitting your application form.

After receiving your confirmation email, you must reply within 72 hours.

If you forget your password, use the CAPTCHA function described at the end of the application. Some pharmacists simply renew their passwords on the first of each month. While you CAN use the same password every time, you need to re-fresh/re-new before the password expires.

Keep a copy (screenshot) of your original responses to the security questions before submission. If your password expires, it can be difficult to reset if you did not save all the questions you answered on the original application – which must be entered exactly as you initially entered them – including capitalization and spacing.