Department of Consumer Affairs Board of Pharmacy

Pharmacist License Renewal

Two important changes related to pharmacist license renewals begin in December 2010. These changes are required by new regulation in Title 16 California Code of Regulations section 1702.  

First: Pharmacists must disclose on the license renewal form whether they have been convicted of any violation of law in this or another state, omitting traffic infractions under $300 that do not involve alcohol, dangerous drugs, or controlled substances. Your license will not be considered renewed if you fail to answer this question on the renewal form.

Second: Pharmacists who were licensed before 2001 must be refingerprinted.  This change is required to ensure the Board receives timely notice of arrests and convictions.  ONLY if you were issued a license prior to 2001 or you receive notification from the Board to comply are you required to be refingerprinted.  To confirm when your license was issued, please click on Verify a License.

There are 38,000 California licensed pharmacists, of which more than 15,000 must be refingerprinted in order to comply with the new regulation. Of these pharmacists, those who reside in California must submit fingerprints via Live Scan. Those whose address of record is outside California must resubmit to the Board their fingerprints on cards that will be electronically entered into the DOJ’s system. The DOJ is unable to share your fingerprint information with the Board if you were also Live Scanned for another agency.

A pharmacist shall retain for at least three years as evidence of having complied with subdivision (a) either a receipt showing that he or she has electronically transmitted his or her fingerprint images to the Department of Justice or, for those who did not use an electronic fingerprinting system, a receipt evidencing that his or her fingerprints were recorded and submitted to the Board. You may send in the completed copy of your Live Scan form to the Board to ensure your license record has been updated. You will not receive notification from the Board once you have complied with this requirement. It is your responsibility to retain your receipt.

Live Scan Form (PDF) – Must be completed in California. Take the completed form to your nearest Live Scan site for fingerprint scanning. There are more than 130 Live Scan sites throughout the state. An up-to-date Live Scan site list is on the Department of Justice's (DOJ) Internet web page at or call your local police or sheriff's department.

Fingerprint Cards – Outside of California. If you reside outside California and you are unable to come to California to complete the Live Scan form, you must submit TWO rolled fingerprint cards with your renewal application on Board of Pharmacy fingerprint cards along with a fingerprint card processing fee of $49 made payable to the Board of Pharmacy ($32 DOJ fee and $17  FBI fee).  You may contact the board to request the fingerprint cards at (916) 574-7900 or email your request to  Fingerprints submitted on the fingerprint cards must be taken by a person professionally trained in the rolling of prints.  Poor quality prints may result in rejection of the card, which will result in you having to be refingerprinted.

Continuing Education Requirements: To renew your pharmacist license in California, you must complete 30 hours (1.25 hours per month) of continuing pharmacy education (CE) every two years. The law regarding CE can be found in section 4231 of the Business and Professions Code and in section 1732 of the California Code of Regulations.

For more information on the continuing education requirements or to change your license to an inactive status go to the renewal section of the Information for Licensees page.

Failure to comply with the renewal requirements will result in the renewal application being considered incomplete, and prevent renewal of the license until the Board has confirmation of compliance.

If you have lost your renewal application, a renewal request form may be viewed and printed.

Go to section 1702, of Title 16 California Code of Regulations to view and print the complete text of the regulation.