Department of Consumer Affairs Board of Pharmacy

Controlled Substance Utilization, Review and Evaluation System (CURES)

Updated 12/24/2012

The Department of Justice and the data vendor, Atlantic Associates announced the implementation of its online Direct Dispense reporting application for data submission to California's prescription monitoring program, CURES. This new application is primarily designed for direct dispensing practitioners but is also for pharmacies and software vendors without the ability to create an electronic .txt. file in ASAP format for submission of data to CURES. Pharmacies that do not fill any controlled substance prescriptions may also use this reporting application. Effective immediately, the Department of Justice will no longer accept paper data submissions.

Additionally, the Department of Justice is requiring several new data fields be reported to CURES effective January 1, 2013. Data submitted without these additional fields after February 28, 2013, will be rejected.

Questions regarding these changes/additions should be directed to the data vendor, Atlantic Associates at 1-800-539-3370.

Notice of Changes to CURES

Atlantic Associates CURES Reporting Instruction Manual


Updated 2/15/2012

Effective February 1, 2012, the CURES Program, including its Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), and Security Printer Program is now organizationally affiliated with the Department of Justice, Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigative Services, Law Enforcement Support Program/PDMP.

The new telephone number for CURES/PDMP/SPP program services is (916) 227-3843.  Please visit their website at for more information and to register for access to the online PDMP to obtain Patient Activity Reports (PARs). 

PLEASE NOTE: Regrettably, due to budgetary restrictions, facsimile submissions of PAR requests can no longer be accepted.

Pre-registered prescribers and dispensers may obtain PARs directly on-line via the PDMP Application.  You may register online at  The registration process takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks and proof of DEA & State licensure is required.
Correspondence to CURES/PDMP should now be addressed to:

Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigative Services
Law Enforcement Support Program/PDMP
P.O. Box 160447
Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone:  (916) 227-3843

Atlantic Associates, Inc – CURES Prescription Data Collection Vendor

The CURES data collection vendor for submission of controlled substance prescription data by pharmacies and dispensing practitioners has not changed.  Pharmacies and dispensing practitioners are required to report Schedule II-IV controlled substance prescription dispensing information on a weekly basis * in ASAP 2009, version 4.1 format.  All other formats will be rejected.  For data submission instructions or assistance with transmission issues, please contact:

Atlantic Associates, Inc. (AAI)                                                      
8030 S. Willow St, Bldg 3              
Manchester, NH 03103                  
Toll Free: (800) 539-3370
Phone:  (603) 627-7829
Fax: (877) 508-6704

Please click the links below for additional information:

Effective January 1, 2011, Data Collection Vendor for CURES Prescription Monitoring (PDF)

Prescribing and dispensing controlled substances (PDF)

Controlled Substance Prescription Forms

Written prescriptions for all controlled substances, Schedules II – V, must be on a form obtained from a California-Approved Security Prescription Printer.  For a complete list of approved vendors authorized to print California controlled substance prescription forms, please visit the website at and click on View List.
Prices vary.

Note:  Schedule III – V controlled substances may be orally or electronically transmitted to the pharmacy.

Online DEA Registration Verification

Pharmacists can login to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s website using their own DEA license number and registration information, or the pharmacy’s DEA license number and registration information where they can verify the status and controlled substance writing authority for a particular prescriber’s DEA license number.  Visit the website at  You must have a DEA license in order to access the system.

California-Approved Controlled Substance Prescription Form Vendors

If you are a paper printing vendor, and wish to apply to become a California-approved controlled substance prescription pad vendor, please visit the Department of Justice’s website at for an application, requirements, and guidelines for policies and procedures.  The Security Prescription Printer Program can be reached via email at or by calling (916) 227-3843.

On-Line Practitioners’ State License Verification

Dental Board of California

Medical Board of California

Naturopathic Medicine

Board of Optometry

Osteopathic Medical Board 

California State Board of Pharmac

Physician Assistants Committe

Board of Podiatric Medicin

Board of Registered Nursin

Veterinary Medical Board

Or visit the Department of Consumer Affairs’ license verification website at


* Required by California Health and Safety Code sections 11165, 11190, 11164.1, and 11164.5, and Business and Professions Code section 4068.