Department of Consumer Affairs Board of Pharmacy

Law Book Table of Contents


To fulfill its mission the Board of Pharmacy establishes and enforces rules and regulations to protect the public. These rules and regulations define standards in the practice of pharmacy and the other occupations regulated by the board including any site where dangerous drugs and devices are compounded, stored, prepared or sold.

The board is given it's authority by Chapter 9, Division 2 of the Business and Professions Code and Division 17, Title 16 of the California Code of Regulations.

Following is the Table of Contents of the California Pharmacy Law with links to the sites where you can view the text of the various sections. Also included are selected sections of the Health and Safety Code.


California Pharmacy Law
Table of Contents


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Article 1


4000     Chapter Title

4001     Board of Pharmacy; Appointment; Terms

4001.1  Purpose of the Board: Protection of the Public

4001.5  Pharmacist Shortage; Recommendations to Alleviate

4002     Officers

4003     Executive Officer; Records; Revenue

4004     Teaching by Board Members

4005     Adoption of Rules and Regulations

4006     Regulations Restricting Furnishing of Particular Drug

4007     Limitations of Rules

4008     Inspectors; Authority as Public Officers

4009     Board Rules; Exemption from Coverage Under Industrial Welfare Commission Rules

4010     Immunity of Officers

4011     Administration and Enforcement of Uniform Controlled Substances Act

4012     Board to Provide Copy of Laws or Regulations

4013     Board-Licensed Facilities to Join E-Mail Notification List

Article 2


4015     Definitions to Govern Construction

4016     Administer

4017     Authorized Officers of the Law

4018     Board

4019     Chart Order

4021     Controlled Substance

4022     Dangerous Drug - Dangerous Device Defined

4022.5  Designated Representative; Designated Representative-in-Charge

4022.7  Designated Representative-3PL, Responsible Manager Definitions

4023     Device

4023.5  Direct Supervision and Control

4024     Dispense

4025     Drug

4025.1  Non-Prescription Drug

4026     Furnish

4026.5  Good Standing

4027     Skilled Nursing Facility - Intermediate Care Facility - Other Health Care Facilities

4028     Licensed Hospital

4029     Hospital Pharmacy

4030     Intern Pharmacist

4031     Laboratory

4032     License

4033     Manufacturer

4035     Person

4036     Pharmacist

4036.5  Pharmacist-in-Charge

4037     Pharmacy

4038     Pharmacy Technician

4039     Physician; Other Practitioners Defined

4040     Prescription; Content Requirements

4040.5  Reverse Distributor

4041     Veterinary Food-Animal Drug Retailer

4042     Veterinary Food-Animal Drugs

4043     Wholesaler

4044     Repackager

4045     Third-Party Logistics Provider or Reverse Third-Party Logistics Provider

4046     Surplus medication collection and distribution intermediary

Article 3
Scope of Practice and Exemptions


4050     Legislative Declaration

4051     Conduct Limited to Pharmacist; Conduct Authorized by Pharmacist

4052     Furnishing to Prescriber; Permitted Pharmacist Procedures

4052.01.Naloxone Hydrochloride

4052.1  Permitted Pharmacist Procedures in Licensed Health Care Facility

4052.2  Permitted Pharmacist Procedures in Health Care Facility, Home Health Agency or Clinic with Physician Oversight

4052.3  Emergency Contraception Drug Therapy; Requirements and Limitations

4052.4  Skin Puncture by Pharmacist

4052.5  Pharmacist May Select Different Form of Medication with Same Active Chemical Ingredients; Exceptions

4052.7  Repackage Previously Dispensed Drug; Requirements

4053     Designated Representative to Supervise Wholesaler or Veterinary Food-Animal Drug Retailer

4053.1. Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PL) Designated Representative

4054     Supply by Manufacturer, etc. of Certain Dialysis Drugs and Devices

4055     Sale of Devices to Licensed Clinics, etc.

4056     Purchase of Drugs at Wholesale - Hospital Containing 100 Beds or Less

4057     Exceptions to Application of this Chapter

4058     Display of Original License

4059     Furnishing Dangerous Drugs or Devices Prohibited Without Prescription: Exceptions

4059.5  Who May Order Dangerous Drugs or Devices: Exceptions; Compliance with Laws of All Involved Jurisdictions

4060     Controlled Substance - Prescription Required; Exceptions

4061     Distribution of Drug as Sample; Written Request Required

4062     Furnishing Dangerous Drugs during Emergency

4063     Refill of Prescription for Dangerous Drug or Device Requires Prescriber Authorization

4064     Emergency Refill of Prescription without Prescriber Authorization

4065     Injection Card System; Requirements for Administration

4066     Furnishing Dangerous Drugs to Master or First Officer of Vessel

4067     Internet; Dispensing Dangerous Drugs or Devices without Prescription

4068     Dispense Dangerous Drugs or Controlled Substances to Emergency Room Patient; Requirements

Article 4
Requirements for Prescriptions


4070     Reduction of Oral or Electronic Prescription to Writing

4071     Prescriber May Authorize Agent to Transmit Prescription; Schedule II Excluded

4071.1  Electronic Prescription Entry into Pharmacy or Hospital Computer

4072     Oral or Electronic Transmission of Prescription - Health Care Facility

4073     Substitution of Generic Drug - Requirements and Exceptions

4074     Drug Risk: Informing Patient; Providing Consultation for Discharge Medications

4075     Proof of Identity Required - Oral or Electronic Prescription

4076     Prescription Container - Requirements for Labeling

4076.5  Standardized, Patient-Centered Prescription Labels; Requirements

4077     Dispensing Dangerous Drug in Incorrectly Labeled Container

4078     False or Misleading Label on Prescription
Article 5
Authority of Inspectors


4080     Stock of Dangerous Drugs and Devices Kept Open for Inspection

4081     Records of Dangerous Drugs and Devices Kept Open for Inspection; Maintenance of Records, Current Inventory

4082     Names of Owners, Managers and Employees Open for Inspection

4083     Orders of Correction

4084     Adulterated, Misbranded, or Counterfeit Dangerous Drug or Device

4085     Unlawful to Remove, Sell or Dispose of Embargoed Dangerous Drug or Dangerous Device

4086     Adulterated or Counterfeit Dangerous Drug or Dangerous Device; Court Proceedings
Article 6
General Requirements


4100     Change of Address or Name - Notification to Board

4101     Pharmacist in Charge, Designated Representative-in-Charge: Termination of Employment; Notification to Board

4103     Blood Pressure - Taking by Pharmacist

4104     Licensed Employee, Theft or Impairment: Pharmacy Procedures

4105     Retaining Records of Dangerous Drugs and Devices on Licensed Premises; Temporary Removal; Waivers; Access to Electronically Maintained Records

4106     License Verification Using Board Web Site

4107     One Site License per Premises; Exception

4107.5. Counterfeit Dangerous Drugs or Devices: Notification Requirement

Article 7


4110     License Required; Temporary Permit upon Transfer of Ownership; Temporary Use of Mobile Pharmacy

4111     Restrictions on Prescriber Ownership

4112     Nonresident Pharmacy: Registration; Provision of Information to Board; Maintaining Records; Patient Consultation

4113     Pharmacist-in-Charge: Notification to Board; Responsibilities

4114     Intern Pharmacist: Activities Permitted

4115     Pharmacy Technician: Activities Permitted; Required Supervision; Activities Limited to Pharmacist; Registration; Requirements for Registration; Ratios

4115.5  Pharmacy Technician Trainee; Placement; Supervision; Requirements

4116     Security of Dangerous Drugs and Devices in Pharmacy: Pharmacist Responsibility for Individuals on Premises; Regulations

4117     Admission to Area Where Narcotics are Stored, etc. - Who May Enter

4118     Waiving of Minimum Requirements by Board

4119     Furnish Prescription Drug to Licensed Health Care Facility - Secured Emergency Supplies

4119.1  Pharmacy May Provide Services to Health Facility

4119.2  Furnish Epinephrine Auto-Injectors to School; Requirements

4119.5  Transfer or Repackaging Dangerous Drugs by Pharmacy

4119.6. Intern Pharmacist Duties

4119.7. Furnish Dangerous Drugs or Devices; Drug Storage and Maintenance; Intern Pharmacist Drug Inspection

4120     Nonresident Pharmacy: Registration Required

4121     Advertisement for Prescription Drug: Requirements; Restrictions

4122     Required Notice of Availability of Prescription Price Information, General Product Availability, Pharmacy Services; Providing Drug Price Information; Limitations on Price Information Requests

4123     Compounding Drug for Other Pharmacy for Parenteral Therapy; Notice to Board

4124     Dispensing Replacement Contact Lenses: Requirements; Patient Warnings; Registration with Medical Board; Application of Section to Nonresident Pharmacies

4125     Pharmacy Quality Assurance Program Required; Records Considered Peer Review Documents

4126     Covered Entity May Contract with Pharmacy to Provide Pharmacy Services; Segregation of Drug Stock; Return of Drugs not Dispensed; Wholesale License Not Permitted or Required

4126.5  Furnishing Dangerous Drugs by Pharmacy
Article 7.5
Injectable Sterile Drug Products


4127     Board Shall Adopt Regulations Establishing Standards

4127.1  License to Compound Injectable Sterile Drug Products Required

4127.2  Nonresident Pharmacy - License to Compound and Ship Injectable Drug Products into California Required

4127.3  Cease and Desist Order; Hearing

4127.4  Fine for Violation

4127.6  Article Operative upon Allocation of Positions

4127.7  Compounding Sterile Injectable from Nonsterile Ingredients; Requirements

4127.8  Temporary License to Compound Injectable Sterile Products When a Change of Ownership


Hypodermic Needles and Syringes

4141     Furnishing without License

4142     Prescription Required

4143     Exemption: Sale to Other Entity, Physician, etc

4144.5  Industrial Use Exception

4145.5   Hypodermic Needles and Syringes for Human Use and Specified Animal Use without a Prescription; Prevention of Bloodborne Diseases; Number of Hypodermic Needles and Syringes Allowed

4146     Needle/Syringe Return in Sharps Container

4147     Disposal of Needle or Syringe

4148.5   Hypodermic Needles and Syringes for Human Use and Specified Animal Use without a Prescription; Prevention of Bloodborne Diseases; Number of Hypodermic Needles and Syringes Allowed

4149     License Required for Nonresident Sale or Distributor of Needles or Syringes
Article 10
Pharmacy Corporations


4150     Definitions

4151     Licensure Requirements

4152     Corporate Name Requirements

4153     Shareholder Income While Disqualified

4154     Regulations Authorized

4155     Corporate Form Not Required

4156     Unprofessional Conduct by Corporation
Article 11
Wholesalers, Third Party Logistics Providers, and Manufacturers


4160.  Wholesaler, Third-Party Logistics Providers: License Required

4161.  Nonresident Wholesaler, Third-Party Logistics Provider; Requirements

4161.5. Conflicts With Federal Interstate Commerce Laws 

4162   Wholesaler License Surety Bond Requirements

4162.5. Issuance or Renewal of Nonresident Wholesaler or Nonresident Third-party Logistics Provider License; Surety Bond

4163.  Unauthorized Furnishing by Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Repackager or Pharmacy

4164.  Reports Required by Wholesaler or Third-Party Logistics Provider

4165   Sale or Transfer of Dangerous Drug or Device into State: Furnishing Records to Authorized Officer on Demand; Citation for Non-compliance

4166. Shipping of Dangerous Drugs or Devices – Wholesaler, Third-Party Logistics Provider or Distributor Liable for Security and Integrity Until Delivery

4167.  Wholesaler or Third-Party Logistics Provider: Bar on Obtaining Dangerous Drugs or Devices it Cannot Maintain on Licensed Premises

4168     Board License Required for Local Business License

4169     Prohibited Acts

4169.5. Surplus Medication Collection and Distribution Intermediaries


Article 12
Prescriber Dispensing


4170     Dispensing by Prescriber: Requirements and Restrictions; Enforcement

4170.5  Veterinarian in Teaching Hospital May Dispense and Administer Dangerous Drugs and Devices; Requirements

4171     Exceptions to Section 4170: Samples; Clinics; Veterinarians; Narcotic Treatment Programs; Certain Cancer Medications

4172     Storage Requirements

4173     Dispensing by Registered Nurses

4174     Dispensing by Pharmacist upon Order of Nurse Practitioner

4175     Processing of Complaints
Article 13
Nonprofit or Free Clinics


4180     Purchase of Drugs at Wholesale Only with License: Eligible Clinics

4181     License Requirements; Policies and Procedures; Who May Dispense

4182     Duties of Professional Director; Consulting Pharmacist Required

4183     No Professional Dispensing Fee

4184     Dispensing Schedule II Substance by Clinic is Prohibited

4185     Inspection Permitted

4186     Automated Drug Delivery Systems

Article 14
Surgical Clinics


4190     Purchase of Drugs at Wholesale: Permitted Uses of Drugs; Required Records and Policies; License Required

4191     Compliance with Department of Health Services Requirements; Who May Dispense Drugs

4192     Duties of Professional Director; Providing Information to Board

4193     Clinic Not Eligible for Professional Dispensing Fee; Ban on Offering Drugs for Sale

4194     Dispensing of Schedule II Substance by Clinic Prohibited; Physician May Dispense; Administration Authorized in Clinic

4195     Inspection Authorized
Article 15
Veterinary Food-Animal Drug Retailers


4196     License Required: Temporary License on Transfer of Ownership; Board Approval of Designated Representative-in-Charge

4197     Minimum Standards: Security; Sanitation; Board Regulations; Waivers

4198     Written Policies and Procedures Required: Contents; Training of Personnel; Quality Assurance; Consulting Pharmacist

4199     Labeling Requirements; Maintaining Prescription Records

Article 16


4200     Pharmacist License Requirements: Age; Education; Experience; Examination; Proof of Qualifications; Fees

4200.1  Multiple Failures of License Examination; Additional Education Requirement

4200.2  California Practice Standards and Jurisprudence Examination for Pharmacist; Required Inclusions

4200.3  Examination Process to be Reviewed Regularly; Required Standards

4200.4  Retaking National Examination after Failure; Waiting Period

4200.5  Retired Licensee: Eligibility; Bar on Practice; Requirement for Restoration to Active Status

4201     Application Form: Required Information; Authority Granted by License; Reporting Changes in Beneficial Ownership

4202     Pharmacy Technician: License Requirements for Education, Experience; Board Regulations; Criminal  Background Check; Discipline

4203     Non-Profit Clinic License Application: Form; Investigation

4204     Surgical Clinic Application: Form; Investigation

4205     Sale or Dispensing of Hypodermic Syringes and Needles: When Separate License Required; Form and Content of Application; Renewability; Discipline

4207     Investigation by Board

4208     Intern Pharmacist License

4209     Intern Pharmacist; Minimum Hours of Practice to Apply for Pharmacist Exam
Article 17
Continuing Education


4231     Requirements for Renewal of Pharmacist License: Clock Hours; Exemption for New Licensee

4232     Content of Courses

4234     Exceptions: Emergencies; Hardship

Article 18


4240     California Hazardous Substances Act; Application of Act

Article 19
Disciplinary Proceedings


4300     Revocation and Suspension: Authority; Conditions; Issuance of Probationary License; Application of Administrative Procedure Act; Judicial Review

4301     Obtaining License by Fraud or Misrepresentation: Unprofessional Conduct.

4301.5  Pharmacist License; Out-of-State Suspension or Revocation to Apply to California License

4302     Discipline of Corporate Licensee for Conduct of Officer, Director, Shareholder

4303     Nonresident Pharmacy: Grounds for Discipline

4304     Nonresident Wholesaler: Authority to Discipline

4305     Disciplinary Grounds: Failure of Pharmacy, Pharmacist to Notify Board of Termination of Pharmacist in Charge; Continuing to Operate Without Pharmacist

4305.5 Disciplinary Grounds: Failure of Wholesaler, Third-Party Logistics Provider or Veterinary Food-Animal Drug Retailer to Notify Board of Termination of Designated Representative-in-Charge; Continuing to Operate Without Designated Representative-in-Charge

4306     Violation of Professional Corporation Act as Unprofessional Conduct

4306.5  Acts or Omissions by Pharmacist: Unprofessional Conduct

4306.6  Mitigating Factors for Pharmacist in Charge Reporting Violations of Others

4307     Individuals with Denied, Revoked, Suspended, etc. Licenses Prohibited from Pharmacy Ownership or Association with Board Licensed Entities

4308     Prohibited Association: Notification of Affected Licensees Known to Board

4309     Petition for Reinstatement, etc. of Disciplined License: Time for Filing; Contents; Investigation; Hearing; Factors to Be Considered; Effect of Ongoing Criminal Sentence or Accusation or Petition to Revoke Probation

4310     Notice of Denial of Application: Petition for Licensure; Application of Administrative Procedure Act

4311     Suspension of License for Felony Conviction: Automatic Suspension; Summary Suspension; Other Suspensions; Applicable Proceedings

4312     Voiding License of Entity Remaining Closed: Notice; Disposition of Stock; Distribution of Proceeds Where Board Sells Stock

4313     Evidence of Rehabilitation; Priority of Public Protection

4314     Orders of Abatement

4315     Letters of Admonishment
Article 20
Prohibitions and Offenses


4320     Penalties for Violation of Pharmacy Law: Actions Authorized; Who May File Actions

4321     Penalties: Misdemeanors; Infractions

4322     Misdemeanor or Infraction: False Representations to Secure License for Self or Others; False Representation of Licensure; Penalties

4323     Misdemeanor: False Representation of Self as Physician, Agent of Physician, etc. to Obtain Drug

4324     Felony or Misdemeanor: Forgery of Prescription; Possession of Drugs Obtained Through Forged Prescription

4325     Misdemeanor: Manufacture, Possession, etc. of False Prescription Blank

4326     Misdemeanor: Obtaining Needle or Syringe by Fraud, etc.; Unlawful Use of Needle or Syringe Obtained from Another

4327     Misdemeanor: Sale, Dispensing, or Compounding While under the Influence of Drugs or Alcoholic Beverages

4328     Misdemeanor: Permitting Compounding, Dispensing, or Furnishing by Non-Pharmacist

4329     Misdemeanor: Non-Pharmacist Acting as Manager, Compounding, Dispensing or Furnishing Drugs

4330     Misdemeanor: Non-Pharmacist Owner Failing to Place Pharmacist-in-Charge, Dispensing or Compounding Except by Pharmacist, Interfering with Pharmacist-in-Charge

4331     Misdemeanor: Wholesaler, Third-Party Logistics Provider, Veterinary Food-Animal Drug Retailer Failing to Place Pharmacist, Designated Representative-3PL  or Designated Representative in Charge, Permitting Dispensing or Compounding Except by Pharmacist or Designated Representative

4332     Misdemeanor: Failure or Refusal to Maintain or Produce Required Drug or Device Records; Willful Production of False Records

4333     Maintaining Prescriptions, Other Drug Records on Premises, Open to Inspection; Waiver; Willful Failure to Keep or Permit Inspection of Records of Prescriptions, Other Records is Misdemeanor

4335     Knowingly Failing to Arrange for Disposition of Stock of Closed or Discontinued Business: Misdemeanor

4336     Felony: Knowing or Willful Use of Minor to Violate Specified Sections of Pharmacy Law: Exception for Pharmacist Furnishing Pursuant to a Prescription

4337     Distribution of Fines Collected

4338     Additional Fines May be Assessed

4339     Board Action to Enjoin Violation of Pharmacy Law; Exception for Certain Drugs and Devices

4340     Unlawful Advertising by Nonresident Pharmacy Not Registered with Board

4341     Advertisement of Prescription Drugs or Devices

4342     Actions by Board to Prevent Sales of Preparations or Drugs Lacking Quality or Strength; Penalties for Knowing or Willful Violation of Regulations Governing Those Sales

4343     Buildings: Prohibition Against Use of Certain Signs Unless Licensed Pharmacy Within
Article 21
Pharmacists Recovery Program


4360     Impaired Pharmacists: Legislative Intent

4361     Definitions

4362     Function of Program: Board Referrals; Voluntary, Confidential Participation

4364     Criteria for Participation to Be Established by Board

4365     Contracting with Employee Assistance Program: Selection

4366     Function of the Employee Assistance Program

4369     Board Referrals to Program: Written Information Provided to Licensee; Termination for Non-Compliance; Report to Board of Termination; Authority to Discipline

4371     Review of Activities of Program

4372     Confidential Records; Exception for Disciplinary Proceeding

4373     Immunity from Civil Liability

Article 22
Unfair Trade Practices


4380     Resale of Preferentially Priced Drugs: Prohibition; Exceptions

4381     Violation of Article as Unfair Competition; Private Actions Authorized; Triple Damages and Attorneys’ Fees; Proof Required

4382     Board May Audit Sales to Walk-in Customers

Article 23
Revenue and Renewal


4400     Fees

4401     Pharmacist: Biennial Renewal

4402     Cancellation: of Pharmacist after Non-Renewal for Three Years; All Other Licenses After 60 Days

4403     Reissuance without Payment of Fees Prohibited

4404     Reissuance of Lost or Destroyed License; Proof of Loss, etc.

4405     Disposition of Fines

4406     Report of Fees Collected

4407     Compensation of Members

4409     Pharmacist Scholarship Program, Donations
Article 24
Prescription Rates for Medicare Beneficiaries


4425     Pharmacy Participation in Medi-Cal Program; Conditions; Department of Health Care Services Utilization Review and Monitoring

4426     Department of Health Services to Study Reimbursement Rates

Other Important Sections of the B & P Code


31         Licensee or Applicant Name on Tax Delinquencies List

40         Expert Consultant Agreement

114      Applicants; Military Service Inquiry

115.4    Expedited Licensure for Armed Forces Veterans

115.5    Expedited Licensure Process

125.3    Recovery of Investigation and Enforcement Costs: Procedures; Proof; Enforcement

125.9    Citation and Fine

148       Unlicensed Activity

315.2    Violation of Probation; Order for Licensee to Cease Practice

315.4    Order of Clinical Diagnostic Evaluation for Licensee

460       Licensed Department of Consumer Affairs Businesses

476       Licensure/Registration Related to Section 31

480       Denial of Licenses

494.5    License Shall Not be Issued, Reactivated, Reinstated, or Renewed and be Suspended if Named on Certified Tax Delinquencies List

650       Rebates or discounts for Referral Prohibited

650.1    Lease Prohibition - Hospitals or Prescribers

651       Professional Advertising Requirements

652       Violation as Unprofessional Conduct

652.5    Violation as Misdemeanor

733       Dispensing Prescription Drugs and Devices

901       Authorization for Out-of-State Health Practitioners to Participate in Sponsored Events in California

17500  False or Misleading Statements, Generally


Article 1
General Provisions


1702     Pharmacist Renewal Requirements

1703     Delegation of Certain Functions

1704     Change of Address

1705     Notification of Bankruptcy, Receivership or Liquidation

1706     Words of Similar Import

1706.1  Permit Processing Times

1706.2  Abandonment of Application Files

1706.5  Experimental Programs 

Article 2


1707     Waiver Requirements for Off-Site Storage of Records

1707.1  Duty to Maintain Medication Profiles (Patient Medication Records)

1707.2  Duty to Consult

1707.3  Duty to Review Drug Therapy and Patient Medication Record Prior to Delivery

1707.4  Procedures for Refill Pharmacies

1707.5  Patient-Centered Labels for Prescription Drug Containers; Requirements

1707.6  Notice to Consumers

1708.2  Discontinuance of Business

1708.3  Radioactive Drugs

1708.4  Pharmacist Handling Radioactive Drugs

1708.5  Pharmacy Furnishing Radioactive Drugs

1709     Names of Owners and Pharmacist-in-Charge

1709.1  Designation of Pharmacist-in-Charge

1710     Hospital Pharmacy

1711     Quality Assurance Programs

1712     Use of Pharmacist Identifiers.

1713     Receipt and Delivery of Prescriptions and Prescription Medications Must be To or From Licensed Pharmacy

1714     Operational Standards and Security

1714.1  Pharmacy Operations during the Temporary Absence of a Pharmacist

1714.5  Dangerous Drugs and Devices Exempt from the Provisions of Chapter 9, Division 2 of the Business and Professions Code

1715     Self-Assessment of a Pharmacy by the Pharmacist-in-Charge

1715.5  Implementation of Electronic Monitoring of Schedule II Prescriptions

1715.6  Reporting Drug Loss

1716     Variation from Prescriptions

1717     Pharmacy Practice

1717.1  Common Electronic Files

1717.3  Preprinted, Multiple Checkoff Prescription Blanks

1717.4  Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions

1718     Current Inventory Defined

1718.1  Manufacturer’s Expiration Date

Article 3
Pharmacist Candidates


1719     Recognized Schools of Pharmacy

1720     Applications for Pharmacist Examination and Licensure

1720.1  Graduates of Foreign Pharmacy Schools

1721     Dishonest Conduct during Examination

1723.1  Confidentiality of Examination Questions

1724     Passing Grade in Pharmacist Examination

1725     Acceptable Pharmacy Coursework for Examination Candidates with Four Failed Attempts

1726     Supervision of Intern Pharmacists

1727.1  Intern Address Not Available on Internet

1728     Requirements for Examination

Article 4
Continuing Education


1732     Definitions

1732.05 Accreditation Agencies for Continuing Education

1732.1  Requirements for Accredited Providers

1732.2  Board Accredited Continuing Education

1732.3  Requirements for Continuing Education Courses

1732.4  Provider Audit Requirements

1732.5  Renewal Requirements for Pharmacist

1732.6  Exemptions

1732.7  Complaint Mechanism

Article 4.5


1735     Compounding in Licensed Pharmacies

1735.1  Compounding Definitions

1735.2  Compounding Limitations and Requirements

1735.3  Records of Compounded Drug Products

1735.4  Labeling of Compounded Drug Products

1735.5  Compounding Policies and Procedures

1735.6  Compounding Facilities and Equipment

1735.7  Training of Compounding Staff

1735.8  Compounding Quality and Assurance

Article 5
Dangerous Drugs


1744     Drug Warnings

1745     Partial Filling of Schedule II Prescriptions

1746     Emergency Contraception

Article 6
Fees and Penalties


1749     Fee Schedule

Article 7
Sterile Injectable Compounding


1751     Sterile Injectable Compounding Area

1751.1  Sterile Injectable Recordkeeping Requirements

1751.2  Sterile Injectable Labeling Requirements

1751.3  Sterile Injectable Policies and Procedures

1751.4  Facility and Equipment Standards for Sterile Injectable Compounding

1751.5  Sterile Injectable Compounding Attire

1751.6  Training of Sterile Compounding Staff, Patient, and Caregiver

1751.7  Sterile Injectable Compounding Quality Assurance and Process Validation

1751.8  Sterile Injectable Compounding Reference Materials

1751.10 Furnishing to Parenteral Patient at Home

1751.11. Furnishing to Home Health Agencies and Licensed Hospices

1751.12  Obligations of a Pharmacy Furnishing Portable Containers


Referenced Title 24 Regulations

1250.4  Compounding Area for Parenteral Solutions.

505.5    Pharmacies: Compounding Area for Parenteral Solutions.

505.5.1 Pharmacies: Laminar Flow Biological Safety Cabinet.

Article 8
Prohibitions and Discipline


1760     Disciplinary Guidelines

1761     Erroneous or Uncertain Prescriptions

1764     Unauthorized Disclosure of Prescriptions

1765     Commissions, Gratuities, and Rebates

1766     False or Misleading Advertising

1768     Denial of Application - Reapplication

1769     Criteria for Rehabilitation

1770     Substantial Relationship Criteria

1771     Posting of Notice of Suspension

1772     Disciplinary Condition of Suspension

1773     Disciplinary Conditions of Probation of Pharmacist

1773.5  Ethics Course Required as Condition of Probation

1774     Disciplinary Conditions of Probation of Permit

Article 9
Citations and Fines


1775     Issuing Citations

1775.1  Amount of Fines 

1775.2  Factors Considered

1775.3  Compliance with Orders of Abatement

1775.4  Contested Citations

Article 10


1780     Minimum Standards for Wholesalers

1780.1  Minimum Standards for Veterinary Food-Animal Drug Retailers

1781     Exemption Certificate

1782     Reporting Sales of Drugs Subject to Abuse

1783     Manufacturer or Wholesaler Furnishing Drugs and Devices

1784     Self-Assessment of a Wholesaler by the Designated Representative-in-Charge

Article 10.1
Home Dialysis Drugs and Devices


1787     Authorization to Distribute Dialysis Drugs and Devices

1790     Assembling and Packaging

1791     Labeling

1792     Receipt for Shipment

Article 11
Ancillary Personnel


1793     Definitions

1793.1  Duties of a Pharmacist

1793.2  Duties of a Pharmacy Technician

1793.3  Other Non-Licensed Pharmacy Personnel

1793.5  Pharmacy Technician Application

1793.6  Training Courses Specified by the Board

1793.7  Requirements for Pharmacies Employing Pharmacy Technicians

1793.8  Technicians in Hospitals with Clinical Pharmacy Programs




1250.06 Pharmacist Consult Not Required

1261.5  Emergency Supplies; Doses Stored in Emergency Supplies Container

1261.6  Automated Drug Delivery Systems




11000      Designation

11001.     Definitions Govern Construction

11002.     Administer Defined

11003.     Agent Defined

11004.     Attorney General Defined

11005.     Board of Pharmacy Defined

11006.5    Concentrated Cannabis Defined

11007.     Controlled Substance Defined

11008.     Customs Broker Defined

11009.     Deliver or Delivery Defined

11010.     Dispense Defined

11011.     Dispenser Defined

11012.     Distribute Defined

11013.     Distributor Defined

11014.     Drug Defined

11014.5.   Drug Paraphernalia Defined

11015.     Federal Bureau Defined

11016.     Furnish Defined

11017.     Manufacturer Defined

11018.     Marijuana Defined

11019.     Narcotic Drug Defined

11020.     Opiate Defined

11021.     Opium Poppy Defined

11022.     Person Defined

11023.     Pharmacy Defined

11024.     Physician, Dentist, Podiatrist, Pharmacist, and Veterinarian Defined

11025.     Poppy Straw Defined

11026.     Practitioner Defined

11027.     Prescription Defined

11029.     Production Defined

11029.5   Security Printer Defined

11030.     Ultimate User Defined

11031.     Wholesaler Defined

11032.     References to Narcotics, Restricted Dangerous Drugs, Marijuana as Schedule I, II, III and IV Controlled Substances

11033.     Isomer Defined

Standards and Schedules


11053.     Substances Included by Whatever Name Used

11054.     Schedule I Controlled Substances

11055      Schedule II Controlled Substances

11056      Schedule III Controlled Substances

11057      Schedule IV Controlled Substances

11058.     Schedule V Controlled Substances

Regulation and Control

Article 1.


11100.       Report of Certain Chemical: Chemicals Included; Exclusions; Penalties

11100.05.  Drug Cleanup Fine

11100.1.    Report of Chemicals Received from Outside State; Penalties

11101.       Reporting Form Contents

11102.       Adoption of Necessary Regulations

11103.       Report of Theft, Loss, or Shipping Discrepancy

11104.       Providing Chemical for Illicit Manufacturing; Evasion of Reporting Requirements; Penalties

11104.5.    Illegal Possession of Certain Glassware or Lab Apparatus

11105.       False Statement in Report

11106.       Permit for Providing Chemicals; Process; Discipline; Renewal and Fees

11106.5.    Order Suspending or Imposing Permit Restrictions

11106.7.    System for DOJ Citations to Permittees; Order of Abatement or Order to Pay Fine; System Requirements

11107.       Sale of Laboratory Items: Required Procedures and Records; Penalties for Violation

11107.1.    Requirements When Selling Specified Chemicals; Violation as Misdemeanor

11110.       Sale of Dextromethorphan Prohibited to Those Under 18 Years of Age without Prescription

11111        Use of Cash Register with Age-Verification Feature for OTC Sale of Dextromethorphan


Article 1.
Requirements of Prescriptions


11150.     Persons Authorized to Write or Issue a Prescription

11150.6.   Methaqualone as Schedule I Controlled Substance

11151.     Limitation on Filling Prescriptions from Medical Students

11152.     Nonconforming Prescriptions Prohibited

11153.     Responsibility for Legitimacy of Prescription; Corresponding Responsibility of Pharmacist; Knowing Violation

11153.5.   Wholesaler or Manufacturer Furnishing Controlled Substance Other Than for Legitimate Medical Purpose; Knowing Violation; Factors in Assessing Legitimacy

11154.     Prescription, etc. Must Be for Treatment; Knowing Solicitation of Unlawful Prescription, etc.

11155.     Prohibition on Physician Prescribing, etc., Where Controlled Substance Privileges Surrendered

11156.     Prescribing, etc. Controlled Substances to Addict Only as Authorized

11157.     No False or Fictitious Prescriptions

11158.     Prescription Required for Schedule II, III, IV, or V Controlled Substance; Exception for Limited Dispensing, Administration

11159.     Chart Order Exemption for Patient in County or Licensed Hospital; Maintaining Record for Seven Years

11159.1.   Chart Order Exemption for Clinic Patient; Maintaining Record for Seven Years

11159.2.   Exception to Controlled Substance Prescription Requirement; Terminally Ill Patient

11161.     Controlled Substance Prescription Blanks; Issuance by Department; Unlawful Possession; Restriction in Criminal Proceeding

11161.5.   Prescription Forms for Controlled Substance Prescriptions; Requirements

11161.7.   Prescriber Authority to Prescribe Restricted; Information to Board; Board Notification to Security Printers

11162.1.   Prescription Forms for Controlled Substances; Requirements

11162.5.   Counterfeiting or Possession of Counterfeit Controlled Substance Prescription Blank; Penalty

11162.6.   Controlled Substance Prescription Form; Counterfeiting, Possession of, Attempt to Obtain or Obtain Under False Pretenses; Penalty

11164.      Prescribing, Filling, Compounding or Dispensing Prescription for Controlled Substance; Requirements

11164.1.   Prescription Issued in Another State for Delivery to Patient in Another State; Dispensing by California Pharmacy

11164.5.   Electronic Prescriptions or Orders to Pharmacies and Hospitals

11165.     Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System: Establishment; Operation; Funding; Reporting to Department of Justice

11165.1.   History of Controlled Substances Dispensed to an Individual

1165.2     CURES Violations; Citations; Request for Hearing; Fines

1165.3     Report Theft/Loss of Security Forms

11166.     Time Limit for Filling Schedule II Prescription; Knowingly Filling Mutilated, Forged, or Altered Prescription Prohibited

11167.     Dispensing of Controlled Substances in Emergency Situation: Requirements

11167.5.   Oral or Electronic Prescriptions for Schedule II Controlled Substance for Specified Inpatients, Residents, and Home Hospice Patients; Requirements

11170.     Prohibition on Prescribing, etc. Controlled Substance for Self

11171.     Prescribing, etc. Controlled Substance Only as Authorized

11172.     Antedating or Postdating Prescription Prohibited

11173.     Fraud, Deceit, Misrepresentation or False Statement; False Representation; False Label

11174.     Prohibition on Providing False Name or Address in Connection with Prescription, etc.

11175.     Prohibition on Obtaining or Possessing Nonconforming Prescription; Prohibition on Obtaining Controlled Substance by Nonconforming Prescription

11179.     Retention of Controlled Substance Prescription

11180.     Prohibition of Controlled Substance Obtained or Possessed by Nonconforming Prescription
Article 2.
Prescriber's Record


11190.     Prescriber’s Record for Schedule II, III or IV Controlled Substances; Prescription Requirements

11191.     Retention Period; Violation

11192.     Prima Facie Evidence of Violation of Section 11190

Article 3.
Copies of Prescriptions


11195.     Providing Receipt for Prescription Removed by Peace Officer, Board Inspector, etc.

Article 4.
Refilling Prescriptions


11200.     Restrictions on Dispensing or Refilling; Refill of Schedule II Prescription Prohibited

11201.     Emergency Refill of Schedule III, IV, or V Prescription; Circumstances; Requirements

Article 5.
Pharmacists' Records


11205      Maintenance and Retention of Records in Separate File

11206.     Required Information on Prescription

11207.     Only Pharmacist or Intern Authorized to Fill Prescription

11208.     Prima Facie Evidence of Violation of Controlled Substance Act

11209.     Delivery and Receiving Requirements for Schedule II, III, and IV Substances; Violation

Chapter 5

Article 1.
Lawful Medical Use Other Than Treatment of Addicts


11210.     Issuing Prescription: By Whom; For What Purpose; Quantity to Be Prescribed

11211.     Purchases of Controlled Substances by Hospital without a Pharmacist for Emergencies; Conditions on Providing to Patients

11212.     Obtaining and Using Controlled Substance for Research, Instruction, or Analysis; Conditions

11213.     Research Approval by Research Advisory Panel

Article 2.
Treatment of Addicts for Addiction


11215.     Administration of Narcotics By or Under Direction of Physician, etc.; Who Physician May Direct to Administer

11217.     Authorized Place of Treatment

11217.5.  Administration in Office or Medical Facility of Non-Narcotic Drugs

11218.     Limitation on Narcotics in First 15 Days of Treatment

11219.     Limitation on Narcotics after First 15 Days of Treatment

11220.     Required Discontinuance of Controlled Substances, Except Methadone or LAAM, After 30 Days

11222.     Persons in Custody: Treatment for Withdrawal Symptoms; Continued Participation in Narcotic Treatment Programs

Article 3.


11240.     Prohibition on Prescribing, etc. Controlled Substance for Human Being

11241.     Prescription Contents

Article 4.
Sale Without Prescription


11250.     Authorized Retail Sale by Pharmacists to Physicians, etc.; Required Order Form

11251.     Authorized Wholesale Sale by Pharmacists

11252.     Preservation of Federally Required Forms

11253.     Duration of Retention

11255.     Actions Constituting Sale

11256.     Required Report of Order by or Sale to Out-of-State Wholesaler or Manufacturer

11364      Possession of Illegal Drug Paraphernalia

11364.1   Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia in Effect until January 1, 2015, Unless Another Law is Enacted Before That Date


CHAPTER 6. Drugs and Devices
ARTICLE 3. Misbranded Drugs or Devices


111397.  Misbranded Dangerous Drug

CHAPTER 8. Penalties and Remedies
ARTICLE 3. Misbranded Drugs or Devices


111825.  Purchasing or Selling Foreign Dangerous Drug, Medical Device or Illegitimate Product


Chapter 13.5
Disease Prevention Demonstration Project


121281     Board Web Site: Testing for HIV and Viral Hepatitis; Disposal of Sharps Waste: How to Access Treatment

121285     The Disease Prevention Demonstration Project; Furnishing or Sale of Nonprescription Hypodermic Needles or Syringes

124960     Treatment of Severe Chronic Intractable Pain

124961     Pain Patient’s Bill of Rights



121349     Legislative Findings and Declaration

121349.1  Needle and Syringe Exchange Project; Requirements

121349.2  Local, Health and Law Enforcement Comment Biennually; Public Input

121349.2  Local, Health and Law Enforcement Comment Annually; Public Input

121349.3  Biennial Report of Health Officer of Participating Jurisdiction

121349.3  Annual Report of Health Officer of Participating Jurisdiction

124960     Treatment of Severe Chronic Intractable Pain

124961     Pain Patient’s Bill of Rights


Article 5. Standards of Service For Providers of Blood Clotting Products for Home Use Act


125286.10         Standards of Service for Providers of Blood Clotting Products for Home Use Act

125286.15         Legislative Declarations

125186.20         Definitions

125286.26         Requirements for Providers of Blood Clotting Products for Home Use

125286.30         Administration and Enforcement

126286.35         Exemptions



150200     Legislative Intent to Establish Voluntary Drug Repository and Distribution Program

150201     Medication and Medications Defined

150202     Skilled Nursing Facilities May Donate Unused Medications

150203     Drug Wholesalers and Manufacturers May Donate Unused Medications

150204     County May Establish Repository and Distribution Program for Dispensing Donated Drugs

150205     Liability

150206     No Immunity for Noncompliance or Negligence

150207     Disciplinary Actions

150208    Surplus Medication Collection and Distribution Intermediary

Division 1. Persons


56.        Citation

56.05.   Definitions

56.06.   Application to Businesses

56.07.   Corporation or Entity to Provide Patient with Copy of Medical Information, Profile or Summary Maintained

Disclosure of Medical Information by Providers


56.10.   Prohibition of Unauthorized Disclosure of Medical Information

56.1007Authorized Disclosure of Medical Information

56.101. Protection of Electronic Medical Information Integrity; Record Changes Made to Electronic   Medical Record

56.102. Disclosure of Medical Information to Pharmaceutical Company not Required; Exceptions

56.104. Standards for Disclosing Information Related to Outpatient Psychotherapy

56.105. Disclosure of Records in Malpractice Suits

56.11.   Standards for Authorizing Medical Information Disclosure

56.12.   Requirement to Furnish Information

56.13.   Prohibition of Further Disclosure

56.14.   Limitations on Use of Disclosed Information

56.15.   Patient’s Right to Cancel or Modify Disclosure Authorization

56.16.   Information Providers May Disclose Without Authorization

Relationship to Existing Law


56.30.   Exceptions to the Act

56.31.   Disclosure of Patient Information Related to HIV Prohibited without Authorization



56.35.   Limitation on Damage Awards and Attorney Fee Awards

56.36.   Penalties

56.37.   Requiring Patient to Authorize Disclosure of Information as a Condition for Service is Prohibited

Article 7. Accounting of Disclosures 


1798.29  Security Breach Notification




15025.  Definitions: Mercury-Added Novelty; Mercury Fever Thermometer; School

15026.  Sale of Mercury Fever Thermometer Prohibited; Exception